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Recently, Peter Cole and Forrest Gander gave a reading at McNally Jackson. I was particularly struck by how Cole’s poetry was infused with the more ornate language of medieval Hebrew which Cole translates into fluid and musical English. For Valentine’s Day, I can’t think of a better love poem, one that considers love in a thoughtful manner of the everday, than this poem:

(Valent)lines for A.

What law and power has blessed me so

that in this provocation of flesh

I have been wedded to gentleness?


Delicacy of an intricate

mesh of our thought and meals and talking

has brought me to this exaltation

of syllables and a speechlessness–

to December dusk, and desk, and skin

in the amber of our listening.


Dawn again pink with munificence;

heart again blurred by its ignorance;

toward you in that equation I turn–

and you, in turn, invovle our being

spun like wool from which soul is weaving

a use for that useless opulence.


Doing and making–the end served by

what it is we make, and what we do,

is what has made me: making and you.


Written by New Directions

February 13, 2009 at 4:07 pm

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